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Strategic & Policy Advisory

Avail 45 minutes to seek transformational insights and assistance from an international multi-sectoral expert, public policy advisor

Popular topics include:

  • Institution Building advisor
  • Public Policy advisor
  • Digital Regulation advisor
  • Digital Economy advisor
  • Competition Law advisor
  • Public Affairs advisor
  • Programme Design, Implementation and Monitoring advisor

These services are for multi-lateral organisations, corporates, governments, think tanks, CSOs & legal professionals.

Block Pattern: Side-by-Side


Receive three 45-minute sessions of coaching/advice and discuss any questions about career choices or any aspect of your learning or career journey you need help with. Look no further for career development and career mentoring and talk to an experienced digital policy coach, public policy mentor, and public affairs mentor.

Popular topics include

  • Career Planning and Growth
  • Guidance on Capstone Projects
  • Digital policy coaching
  • Public affairs mentoring

This service is for students, professionals and academic institutions

Block Pattern: Side-by-Side

Higher Education

Learn from Harvard University certified Higher Education Specialist, a public policy professor and professor of practice with international experience in regulation, policymaking and teaching.

Services Offered:

  • Designing unique offline, online or hybrid courses
  • Teaching Public Policy, Digital Policy &Digital Regulation
  • Teaching Digital Leadership and Digital Transformation
  • Designing Digital Regulation and Regulation of Digital Markets online courses and offline courses
  • Designing courses for Women in Technology

This service is for academic institutions, corporates, governments, and multi-lateral institutions.

Block Pattern: Side-by-Side

Public Speaking

Hear from an international and inspiring speaker and mentor

Recent topics include:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Regulation (data regulation, competition, consumer protection, etc.)
  • Platform Economics & Competition
  • Governance of Emerging Technologies
  • Consumer Protection in Digital Markets
  • Ethics and Good Governance
  • Public Policy, Programme Design & Implementation
  • Governance of Artificial Intelligence

This service is for corporates, CSOs, governments, and multilateral organisations.