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The Walk in My ShoesTM-In Conversation with Key Stakeholders

Getting Regulation Right Series

The ‘Walk in My Shoes’ series of courses is unique as you learn not from textbooks but by interacting with instructors from all walks of the policy life cycle, representing a 360-degree perspective on contemporary policy and regulatory issues from across the globe.

This invitation from Practicioner Instructors to “Walk in my Shoes” would prepare you to better appreciate and respond to challenges and opportunities in the regulation of digital markets, not just understanding specific issues but developing a policymaker’s mindset.

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  • Understanding or influencing digital policy requires comprehending the complex interplay of politics, bureaucracy, industry, and civil society. 
  • Policies and regulations have a dynamic life cycle commencing with a felt need for interventions, followed by a long journey of being shaped by stakeholder feedback through initial implementation and course corrections. Policy can be shaped at each stage.
  • This invitation from practitioner instructors to “Walk in My Shoes” would prepare you to better appreciate and respond to current digital policy and regulatory developments on specific policy issues and develop a policymaker’s mindset. 
  • These courses are also unique in their contemporary and international context, which would help students acquire a global perspective regulation of digital markets.
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How are the ‘Walk in My Shoes’ Courses Unique?

  • Hands-on and Effortless Learning: Your knowledge grows by interacting with and learning from eminent policymakers, regulators and, academics, public policy professionals to understand firsthand the nuances of policymaking and regulation in the digital era.
  • Practical and Balanced: You get practical insights into the art of balancing multi-stakeholder interests while crafting or implementing public policy and regulation through interaction with practitioner instructors.
  • Get your Basics Right: Even if you are unfamiliar with digital regulation, you will benefit from the core class and ongoing explanations from Dr Archana G. Gulati, a Harvard-certified educator and professor of practice, seasoned policymaker, regulator and international digital policy expert.
  • Think like an Expert: These courses will help you understand digital policy and regulation from a 360-degree and global perspective.
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