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Success Stories: Nehal Gaur | Indian School of Public Policy


Receptivity to diverse perspectives is undoubtedly the greatest virtue for any Professor, and Dr. Gulati demonstrated this quality in every session she conducted. She not only welcomes new ideas but also guides her students to develop critical thinking abilities.

One remarkable aspect of Dr. Gulati’s teaching approach is her adoption of an application-based method. In every class, she encourages students to put their learnings into practice through engaging group assignments and projects.

I used to believe that a technical background is a prerequisite to understanding the intricacies of the technology space. However, Dr. Gulati’s teaching methods encouraged me to take a leap of faith and opt for this domain.

I had the privilege of listening to Dr. Gulati’s views on the Digital Competition Act during a panel discussion. Her approach was well-balanced, and she articulated her views in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

Nehal Gaur.

Public Policy Scholar, Indian School of Public Policy

Batch – 2023