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Getting Regulation Right

Digital solutions by dr. archana G. gulati

Comprehensive solutions, professional and transformative advice on digital and competition policy & regulation from a globally respected bureaucrat, public policy professional, senior strategic advisor, public policy professor, mentor, and public speaker.

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Strategic & Policy Advisory

Mentorship & Guidance

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Public Speaker & Panellist

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What people say

“A brilliant, incredibly knowledgable thought leader, team player, public speaker and inspiring women leader. It was an absolute pleasure to be co-Rapporteur with Dr Archana for the all important question ITU D SG 1 Q6/1 on consumers protection in the digital age. I would highly recommend her for any digital/ regulatory advice.”

Elisa Leonel

Secretary of Coordination and Governance of State-owned Enterprises at Ministry of Management & Innovation in Public Services, Brazil

“I was profoundly enlightened by her exceptional lecture on competition policy and Big Tech regulation at NLU’s summer school in Delhi in March 2023. Her expertise left a lasting impression and I deeply admire her analytical skills, talent and perspective for translating intricate concepts for cross-border dialogue.”

Prof. Ingrid Schneider

Professor of Political Science Department of Informatics at University of Hamburg

“Dr Archana’s enriching tenure as head of the USOF in India saw transformative initiatives like Project ‘Sanchar Shakti’, empowering rural women through technology. Her expertise in forging public-private partnerships drove positive change and progress in digital inclusion, and women empowerment and boosted social impact. She can significantly enhance an organisation’s ability”

Raminder Bhatti

Policy & Management Consultant, ICT, Ex- Govt, Reliance Industries Ltd., Thomson Reuters

“Being someone who has always been intimidated by the technology domain but curious about it, for me, Dr. Gulati has been the perfect public policy professor and mentor to learn from. It has been a privilege to sit in her class and listen to her easily explain the most complicated of topics. She makes one ask the right questions and use one’s logical reasoning to find the right answer.

Akanksha Jha

Public Policy Scholar, Indian School of Public Policy
Batch 2023

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