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Role of ICTs in Rural Development

Kurukshetra, Journal of Rural Development, Vol. 60, No. 3, 2012




India has achieved tremendous increase in rural tele-density and the Government’s focus is now squarely on rural broadband. Going ahead, apart from ubiquitous and affordable access to ICTs, greater emphasis must be placed on the availability and relevance of services and content in local language or multi-media/accessible format as per needs of target beneficiaries. Also, capacity building of various stakeholders to use ICTs is essential for the goal of ICT enabled rural development to be achieved. This requires a shift in focus away from purely technology related issues to the evolution of policies, strategies and schemes that ensure cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder involvement and engagement including most of all the local communities and target beneficiaries themselves. The draft National ICT and Telecom Policies of the Indian Government and the recent Special Initiatives of the USOF are steps in the right direction.


  1. Priyanka Verma , Anupam SinghMultifaceted Impact of Technology on Rural Development