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A though provoking article “Solving Social issues through Technology” draws attention to the progress India has made in the realm of technology (reference the latest Mars mission) and the need to harness technology to bring education, facilities and opportunities to rural Indians and others who aspire to break out of poverty. It pins hope inter alia upon the NOFN.
Another article, “Technology rings in Financial Inclusion” highlights that in India, 65% of population has no access to banking but mobile phones  can change that. Innovative applications can enhance financial literacy and in fact, it has been proven by field research that even illiterate Indians take to financial inclusion apps and become adept at mobile banking.
All this has been said before (and posted about before in this blog). What we need most in my opinion is the Market Efficiency side of reforms to ensure that connectivity is widespread and universally available and that regulations encourage the use of ICTs including all aspects of the mobile/broadband ecosystem. This includes of course Universal Service Regulation.