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NOFN-Getting it wrong yet again

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An editorial humorously titled “Optical Illusion” correctly points out that the latest government effort to revive BBNL/NOFN by way of appointing a private sector chairman etc. is not likely to make much of a difference. However  the newspaper gets it wrong in suggesting that the USOF which is funding NOFN/BBNL, should be scrapped. On the contrary, BBNL should be wound up and the methodology to achieve the laying of a high speed rural OFC network should go back to the traditional USOF method of achieving rural penetration through multiple (regional) reverse bidding based projects open to both public and private sector. Just scrapping USOF (funded out of license fees paid by service providers) and leaving more money in the hands of service providers will not guarantee provision of broad band services to commercially unviable rural areas.  I have written extensively on the subject under the same key words/labels. Please see my previous blogs.