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‘Crafting Consumer-Centric Technology Policy’ Public Policy Course

1 DEC 2022 Thursday 11:00 Asia/Kolkata
Duration :
20 hour(s)
Block Pattern: Regular


Teaching a course on ‘Crafting Consumer-Centric Technology Policy’ at the Indian School of Public Policy, pursuing their Post-Graduate Programme in Public Policy, Design & Management. As technology increasingly pervades every aspect of public policy, a consumer-centric viewpoint is vital. This perspective is unique and less frequently examined but essential for the lawmaker, the policymaker, and the industry to succeed in unlocking the potential of digital technologies. Unless the consumer or citizen is meaningfully and safely connected and can trust these technologies, they can cause much harm. Scholars are taught to appreciate how this could lead to consumer disenchantment and disengagement. As a case in point, the course looks at the pertinent issues of inclusion/access, data privacy, competition, and ethics in AI. It focuses on global concerns while examining accompanying policies in the Indian scenario. My approach to teaching is to educate, mentor and be a digital policy coach and sherpa, guiding students through any technology or public policy and regulation-related questions. The learning journey is transformational.