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Evaluation of Government Programmes – What, Why and How

Journal of Rural Development, Vol.60, No.9, July 2012




The Indian Government’s emphasis on welfare scheme has been cited as one of the causes of India’s slowing economic growth and burgeoning fiscal deficit. Prevalence of leakages in the implementation of India’s social welfare and economic development schemes is a well-known phenomenon. Yet, the answer does not lie necessarily in curtailing such spending. The Indian Government and public are well aware that the flagging rate of growth is amongst other things also the result of inefficient implementation of much needed development or welfare schemes. The only way to sustain growth is to improve programme/subsidy scheme design, plug leakages and make such spending more effective thereby making growth more broad based and inclusive. Continued spending on developmental and welfare schemes is critical but poorly designed programmes, inefficient implementation and leakages are something which the country simply cannot afford. To this end Programme Evaluation (PE) can be of invaluable assistance in ensuring that ineffective programmes are dropped or redesigned, performing schemes improved and expanded and much needed mid-course corrections carried out promptly to extract the maximum benefit from every rupee spent. This article examines the ingredients and importance of PE to ensure the success of Government programmes.


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