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Digital Governance – An Indian Perspective

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Dr Archana Gulati
Published Aug 26, 2023

Paper presented at the ICG Annual Conference “India @75 and beyond: New Idea for The Present and Future,” Goa, India, July 2023.


India is an emerging technology powerhouse, a significant consumer of digital services, and a treasure trove of rich and diverse digital data. While India’s deliberate and dramatic digital transformation will bestow many benefits, it also creates a responsibility to pre-empt and minimise harm to consumers and citizens. As the world’s largest democracy, India can chart a novel course of digital governance that leads the way even as it absorbs, emulates, and tailors global best practices to its unique context and priorities. This paper postulates that India must ensure a consumer-centric approach focusing on inclusion and trust as two crucial pivots for effective digital governance and sustained digital transformation. This is a working paper